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Here are some useful tips you can use to make sure your driveway gate stays functional for a long time. It's important that you take care of the intercom system and opener so that they continue serving you for as long as they can.

Consider your budget, but don't make it your only deciding factor

Gates can be split into different categories depending on various aspects, including price range. The more features the system will have, the more expensive it will be. A manual wooden swing gate will be less expensive than that same system with an electric opener. At the higher end, you have a large, heavy sliding gate with an intercom system and an automatic opener, for example. While you should definitely consider your budget before making a decision, it shouldn't be your only consideration, as your safety and security needs are just as important, if not more.

A bi parting gate often needs two different openers

An automatic gate parted in the middle by double doors that swing or slide open simultaneously can be very visually appealing. However, they’re also more expensive than many other types. Having a bi-parting gate requires two separate opening systems, which means two motors, which can drive the price up considerably.

Make sure your swimming pool gate opens the right way

When you're building a gate around a swimming pool ensure that it opens away from the pool. It should always swing outwards. A gate that opens inward is dangerous and children can cause someone to fall into the pool unintentionally. This may seem obvious but unfortunately, sometimes people neglect to consider such important factors.

Use gate stops to lessen wear and tear

Gate stops are devices designed to prevent gates from slamming. They're a great way to reduce the wear and tear damage the gate doors may experience. These stops are usually made of wood, vinyl, or metal and are helpful in preventing the need for frequent hinge adjustment or repairs. 

Keep a sliding gate quiet with proper lubrication

The most important thing is to grease the opener chain. Usually, it is sufficient to do it twice a year. However, if you use the gate a lot on a daily basis, you will probably need to lubricate the chain more often. The same applies to all the different parts of the mechanism where moving metal surfaces come into contact with one another, like the hinges or drive gears.


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