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If you’d like to learn more about intercoms, electric openers or about automatic gate systems in general, scroll down and read our FAQs. Check out other parts of our website for more information.

What are the advantages of an automatic gate opener?

An automatic gate opener offers many advantages, especially modern models. The main advantage is the convenience you get from not having to go through the laborious task of physically moving the gate yourself whenever you want to drive through. Modern models can allow you to use your smartphone to control the system and to even communicate with visitors via the intercom.

Should I check on the safety systems of my automatic gate often?

Our experts recommend that you perform periodic checks to ensure the safety features of your automatic driveway gate are functioning correctly. If the gate in question is for your commercial business, we'd recommend that you check its safety features on a weekly basis, if not every single day. You can never be too careful.

What kind of maintenance my gate requires?

The answer depends heavily on the material your gate is made from. For example, wrought iron gates can develop rust over time and wooden gates are subject to rot. There are many things you can do in order to protect it accordingly, such as using protective coating for wooden gates annually, or using rust removers. One this is for sure – you can always contact our experts to take care of it for you!

What is the best type of gate for me?

Installing a gate which suits your needs best requires knowledge of your property’s settings; How much space do you have for a swing gate to open – and would it be inwards or outwards? Whether your space is flat or has an incline, what type of electrical wiring might be most suitable if necessary? All are important questions – and the good news is we can help answering every single one to help you make the best choice.


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